Pluto Demands a Recount


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Heathered Royal XXL 11
  • Think America's favorite dwaft planet deserves a second chance? Soft and full of justice, this Pluto Demands a Recount tee is sure to delight any Plutofile!

    Front reads:
    "Lowell Observatory | Flagstaff, AZ
    Pluto Demands a Recount"
    Back depicts:
    A graphic of a a ballot for Pluto's planet status being slipped into a ballot box. On this tee, the vote has been cast for planet with a big red "X"!

    - Tearaway label
    - Rolled forward shoulders for better fit
    - Double-needle sleeves and hem
    - Preshrunk

    Color: Heathered Navy Royal Blue
    Material: 35/65 cotton/poly (heathered)
    Cut: Unisex
    Sizes: S-XL

    How to measure: With arms down at sides, measure around the upper body, under arms and over the fullest part of the chest.

    Did you know...
    Pluto was discovered at Lowell Observatory by Clyde Tombaugh on February 18th, 1930 and became recognized as the 9th planet shorly afterwards. However, as we began to learn more about our solar system, scientists began to question Pluto's planetary status. The great planet debate came to a head in 2006 and Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet on the 13th of September by the International Astronomical Union (IAU). There are 5 recognized dwarf planets currently: Ceres, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, and Eris. Scientists believe there may be over 100 waiting to be discovered.

    So what is a planet then?
    According to the IAU, planets are defined by three features:
    1. The object must be in orbit around the Sun.
    2. The object must be massive enough to be rounded by its own gravity. More specifically, its own gravity should pull it into a shape defined by hydrostatic equilibrium.
    3. It must have cleared the neighborhood around its orbit.
    Pluto fails to do the third, as it's mass is not great enough to do so. However, what classifies objects like Pluto has been a long standing debate, and like all things, science changes as we learn more.

    Are we sad about what happened to Pluto?
    Some of us. Do you think Pluto deserves a recount?

    NASA -
    IAU -
    Lowell Observatory -

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